The Report of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel

A web-accessible version of the Report

When you open this version of the Report you will see three horizontal bars at the top left.  Click on them and you will be presented with two small icons in the left-hand column below.  The top one is for thumbnails of the pages.  The bottom one displays the Report’s contents which provide links into the Report.

Or you can download a higher resolution printable PDF version of the Report in three volumes:

Volume 1

Letter to the Home Secretary


Chapter 1: The Morgan One Investigation
Chapter 2: The Inquest
Chapter 3: The Hampshire/Police Complaints Authority Investigation
Chapter 4: Operation Nigeria/Two Bridges

Volume 2

Chapter 5: The 2000 Murder Review: The Cold Case Review of the Investigation into Daniel Morgan’s Murder
Chapter 6: Abelard One/Morgan Two Investigation
Chapter 7: The 2006 Report from the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service to the Metropolitan Police Authority (‘the 2006 Report’)
Chapter 8 The Abelard Two Investigation

Volume 3

Chapter 9: Post-Abelard Two: Events after the acquittal of the Defendants in March 2011
Chapter 10: Corruption: Venality to lack of candour
Chapter 11: The challenges of securing cooperation and lessons for future Panels
Chapter 12: The Treatment of the Family
Chapter 13: The Morgan Family’s Experience: A selection of personal perspectives from the family of Daniel Morgan

Annex A: Methodology: The Panel’s approach to preparing the Report
Annex B: Timeline of key events and investigations since the murder of Daniel Morgan
Annex C: Glossary of Terms