The Panel’s Report – Fairness Process

1.   The Panel has a legal duty to act, at all times, in a fair manner in respect of each aspect of its work.

2.   The Panel is a non-statutory Inquiry and has been tasked by the Home Secretary. Its role is to shine a light on the circumstances of Daniel Morgan’s murder including the nature and extent of police corruption in relation to the handling of this case and to make any recommendations which the Panel concludes should be made as a result of its work, including recommendations for any further investigation or inquiry

3.   The Panel intends to conduct a Fairness Process to ensure that identifiable individuals and organisations who may be subject to possible criticism in its report are informed of this in advance of publication. The Panel will write to identifiable individuals and organisations who are subject to possible criticism in its report, providing them with the opportunity to respond to such possible criticism prior to publication. The Panel is not obliged to provide individuals or organisations with access to any of the report content when conducting this process.

4.   The Panel will carefully consider any responses it receives as part of the Fairness Process prior to finalising the text of its report. The Panel considers that such a process is essential to the integrity of its report.

5.   The Panel will continue to act in accordance with the “family first” principle. In doing so, it will seek to provide the family of Daniel Morgan with as much information as possible about the process that it is following and the issues that arise that give it cause for concern. It will be in a position to share its final report with members of the family on a strictly confidential basis early on the day that the report is being laid in Parliament.


December 2019